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  1. sci-fi

    film by iphigeneia kotsoni

    In a nightmarish Athens of the future, the Milk, vegetable dealer identified by the police and sentenced to five years ‘reintegration’. In a world where cultivation of all plants is illegal, the story unfolds …

  2. drama

    film by Mihalis Papantonopoulos

    The council teachers must make a decision. Time passes and is no longer assured. Daphne waiting on the runway.

  3. drama

    film by Giorgos Aggelopoulos

    The eftachronos Stratis is different from other children of his age, and this is something that worries his father. Things become even more complicated when it transpires that the birthday of …

  4. drama

    film by Tonia Mishiali

    Caught in misery an oppressive marriage, Hope is facing a huge biological and psychological change. The monotonous life disrupted when the perception of reality and fantasy begin to confused, bringing it so …

  5. black comedy

    film by Giorgos Georgopoulos

    Womanizer Aris finds out he is a carrier of a sexually transmitted virus, lethal only for women. But he is also the only hope for a curing vaccine if he finds which one of his ex girlfriends had the first viral strain.

  6. from the balcony poster

    film by Aris Kaplanidis

    A middle aged lady observes the world of an Athenian neighborhood from her balcony with mixed reactions from those she constantly watches. Until she is no longer there & that world changes forever.


soul’s production

Counting now under our belt eight short films and three large preproduction and production of two short films still demonstrate and practice our love for good cinema but also our vision for a quality and promising results.

In strategic partnership with AUTHORWAVE we can now offer all services from image taking to the final digital cinema copy (DCP).