To the Seventh


To the Seventh

Two 10year olds, a boy and a girl, meet for the first time in an elevator, going to the 4th floor, to another kid’s party. The parents, who are also on the elevator, talk all the time about the kids and their everyday activities. The girl listens to music in her earphones all the time, until… the boy pulls one of the girl’s earphones and puts it in his ear. They both now listen to the same song with smile on their faces. The elevator reaches the 4th floor. The parents go out first. The boy takes the earphone off and moves out, but…




Konstantina Papadopoulou

Screen writers

Vasilis Tsiouvaras, Taxiarxis Deligiannis


Children : Ariande Kamilaki, Thanos Tagkalakis Parents: Christos Stergioglou, Maria Stefanidou